A Dreamy Bedroom Every Child Deserves

A Dreamy Bedroom Every Child Deserves

Let's admit that everyone in his childhood wanted a very beautiful and magical and of course private bedroom.The bedroom is the place where we  kept all our feelings and memories as a child, as we thought  it was the only private place that we had during our childhood.

Living in a country which is representing different cultures  , where every culture has its own rules and beliefs the only thing that I noticed stays the same between each of them is our kids dreams and demands:))) 

As a child we think everything is very easy, everything is clear and bright.Then little by little starting learning about bad and good things surrounding us , then we want to be like a princess or a prince from that favorite movie and of course we want to have a room exact the same as the movie character has in the movie. All these things we do not understand as kids and sometimes as an adult also, but everything that comes from a kind and nice imagination is going to help us to be better and of course healthier. 

One child wants more, one less , but I think with a very very little thing even  they can be happy , as remember the child is the only human being , that gets happy with very small things.

It is hard for a lot of parents to make their kids room as they desire, but as a parent we can do a little bit of change (even a very little one, inexpensive one) , which will help our kids feel happier. The  beautiful room and bright room, right chosen colored walls and ceiling  can make them healthier and happier.

Let them help you with little work, integrate them in the decorating and designing and even renovating things, as doing this things will help them to know how to work, help,  share  and appreciate every little thing in their lives.

So give freedom to your imagination and make your little ones small dreams come true ! 


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